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Why do plastic injection molds burst during operation?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-03
In recent years, domestic plastic injection molds have developed rapidly, and the technology has also been greatly improved, but there is still a certain gap with foreign plastic injection mold manufacturing levels, and some failures will still occur during the operation of plastic injection molds, such as: in plastic injection molds During operation, the mold will burst. This is a very serious mold table defect. What is the reason for the mold bursting?

1. The plastic injection mold material is not good enough, and it is easy to break in subsequent processing and manufacturing.
2. Steel heat treatment: deformation caused by improper quenching and tempering process.
3. The grinding flatness of the plastic injection mold is not enough, resulting in deflection deformation.
4. Design process: The strength of the plastic injection mold is insufficient, the distance between the knife edges is too close, the structure of the mold is unreasonable, the number of template blocks is insufficient, and there are no feet.

5. Improper handling of wire cutting: the wire is cut, the gap is wrong, and there is no clear angle.
6. Selection of punching machine equipment: the tonnage of the punching machine is small, the punching force is not enough, and the mold adjustment is too deep.
7. Material stripping is not smooth: there is no demagnetization treatment before production, and materials such as broken needles and springs are stuck during production without stripping.

8. Insufficient production awareness: the positioning is not in place, the blow gun is not used, and the template still has cracks.
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