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Why do bubbles appear in plastic injection molding products?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-19
There are two reasons for the processing of air bubbles in plastic injection molding:

1) Bubbles are generated due to the presence of moisture
Reason: The degree of drying of the plastic is not enough, resulting in the hydrolysis of the plastic.

Solution: Fully pre-dry and pay attention to the insulation management of the hopper.

2) vacuum bubble
Causes of vacuum foam: The thick-walled material flow freezes quickly to prevent shrinkage and insufficient charging, resulting in partial vacuum foam in injection molding products. Or the temperature setting of the injection mold is not suitable. The cylinder temperature is not suitable, and the injection pressure and pressure protection are insufficient.

Solution: Avoid uneven wall thickness and structural design of plastic products. Correct the gate position so that the fluid is injected vertically into the thick wall. Increase the temperature of the plastic injection mold. Reduce barrel temperature. Increased injection pressure and pressure protection.
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