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What to do in Injection Mold Wire Cutting?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-11
Wire-cut electric discharge machining is a processing technology for injection molds, which can realize the control and adjustment of the workpiece size. Reasonable WEDM process can effectively guarantee the quality of the workpiece and the performance of the mold. Pattern analysis review is an important step and key to workpiece processing quality and comprehensive technical indicators. The first thing to do is to pick out the workpieces that cannot be machined. What are the specific ones?

First of all, for workpieces with high surface roughness and dimensional accuracy, workpieces that cannot be manually ground after cutting must be selected for the first time
2. For workpieces with narrow slits smaller than the diameter of the electrode wire plus the discharge gap, rounded corner workpieces with electrode rigid derrick discharge gaps are not allowed at the corners of the graphics

3. Non-conductive materials and parts whose thickness exceeds the span of the wire frame will have adverse effects on the cutting process of the wire EDM.

Fourth, the processing length exceeds the effective stroke length and precision requirements of the xy workpiece are particularly high

5. Under the condition of satisfying the wire cutting process, the surface roughness, dimensional accuracy, workpiece thickness and material should be carefully considered.
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