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What to do if there are ripples in plastic injection molding products

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
What should I do if the plastic injection molding products have ripples? Today, Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory will bring you to talk about this problem. When we were making a plastic injection molding product, due to the problem of spray marks, the technician Zhou Gong helped to slow down the injection molding speed and solved it smoothly.

But after injection molding for a period of time, the bad problem of wavy pattern suddenly appeared. We had to find the technician Zhou Gong again, and asked him if the problem was caused by too fast injection molding processing speed?

He smiled and said: Just adjusted the injection molding processing speed to solve the spray pattern. The problem of the wavy pattern is just the opposite, because the injection molding processing speed is too slow. The product has been cooled and is still being filled, so it must have formed this wavy pattern. Therefore, when making plastic injection molding products, there will be problems if the speed is too fast or too slow. He speeded up the injection molding processing speed, and at the same time injected and processed dozens of products next to the machine. After confirming that the product production was stable, he left without any other defects.

It seems that the adjustment of this parameter is really not something that can be changed casually. By speeding up the injection molding processing speed, the wave pattern problem of this plastic injection molding processing product was successfully solved.

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