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What should I do if the injection mold is damaged?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
Injection molds are affected by high-speed impact during use, and the template may be damaged. Moreover, the mold has always been working in a high-pressure and high-temperature environment, and the frequency of use is also high. What to do when the mold is damaged
? Let's discuss related issues together.

Causes of injection mold damage

1. Incorrect formwork method

Tape threading is a very important step when using molds for production and manufacturing. If the material head is placed in the wrong position, it will cause half punching of the material. This unbalanced punching will cause the mold to be misaligned up and down, which will cause damage to the mold.

In addition, blanking at an incorrect initial position can lead to excess scrap in the mold, which, if not removed in time, can build up in the mold and cause damage to the mold. Therefore, a good mold designer will place the positioning block in the correct position, rather than simply marking the 'initial position line' information on the mold.

2. Mold damage due to operation errors

Stamping operators often focus on tedious and repetitive tasks. The complex manufacturing process can cause operator fatigue, increase error rates, and eventually lead to die collision damage.

Three irresistible factors

The mold is under the impact of high temperature, high pressure and high speed for a long time, and it is inevitable that some irresistible factors will cause the mold to be damaged.

How to solve the damage of the mold

1. Cultivate the business ability of stamping operators

Mold manufacturers need to train operators on what to pay attention to when processing different mold types, and make sure they understand the basic principles of punch press work. In addition, operators need to have the following observation skills:

1. Waste treatment

Is the waste generated during the mold work all free-falling?

2. Products fly out

Is the product free-falling? Is there any accumulation or jamming of waste material.

3. Mold protection sensor

When a mold protection sensor fails, the operator needs to know where and when is the problem?

4. Give operators more power

It is well known that inviting employees to participate in decision-making meetings of the production process can stimulate their pride and lead to better work. In the meeting, you can ask them what improvement ideas they have for the process they are responsible for, and give praise for good suggestions.

2. Carefully check the specifications of the mold

1. Ensure the fastness and safety of the bolts on the mold.

2. Ensure the correctness of the feeding steps, because too much or too little feeding may cause damage to the mold.

3. The operator needs to place the mold on the non-central symmetrical position of the punch press to prevent the load imbalance of the slider and cause damage to the mold.

4. Set the closing height of the press.

5. Ensure that the coil material will not loosen.

3. Find a mold engineer to repair

If the mold is structurally damaged, which has affected the quality of the plastic part, professional engineers are required to repair the mold at this time, so as not to affect the normal use of the mold.
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