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What should be paid attention to when opening a two-color injection plastic mold?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-17
1. Two-color injection molding Since the plastic is soft and does not require special requirements such as hardness, the heat treatment process may cause mold deformation.
2. The cooling (water passage) in the mold and the product size, shape, and plastic properties are related to factors such as the holding time.

3. The roughness level in the mold cavity should reach the mirror level, otherwise the product will be difficult to demould, and the stress will be too large when the product is ejected, resulting in product damage. Positioning and sales. The roughness of parts such as the mating surface has standard regulations.
4. The plastic mold should have sufficient rigidity, otherwise it will become flash during the mold clamping and pressure holding process.

5. Plastic molds should choose a reasonable exhaust position and quantity control. Otherwise, the product will be short of material due to insufficient plastic injection.

6. Reasonable materials should be selected for the injection path, so that the materials reach all places evenly (equal flow path), and there is enough storage capacity to ensure the supply of plastic during the shrinking process.
7. The shrinkage coefficient of each material is different, and the mold should have a reasonable shrinkage rate.

8. Choose a reasonable demoulding method, choose a reasonable position and quantity of ejector pins, and ensure that the product is not damaged during the ejection process.

9. The fixing method of the mold and the injection molding machine should be reasonable, reliable and firm to prevent accidents caused by displacement during mold closing. Easy to disassemble.
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