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What problems should be paid attention to during the production of injection molds?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-11
Injection molds are very important to injection molding production. In order to ensure the safety of molds and staff, it is necessary to formulate policies and preventive measures in advance. Regarding the rigidity, strength, process and quality of the mold, it is generally required that the mold can continuously produce 1,000 products without serious quality and defects.

Molds should be equipped with working and storage limiters. Nitrogen cylinders are used for single-layer or three-layer use of rigid storage constraints for automated line molds. The nitrogen cylinder mainly acts as a buffer to ensure that the internal parts of the mold are not affected by stress and avoid mold damage or even accidents.

In order to facilitate the replacement of damaged parts in the mold, it is necessary to set up a safety platform, preferably square, with a size of more than 150 mm.

Safety measures should be taken for the movable parts of the upper mold, and the lower mold part should have protective plates, protective covers, and mold parts should also consider loose screws to prevent problems such as cracking, falling off, no impact, and oxidation.

In order to save time and facilitate mold transportation, the upper and lower molds need to be provided with connecting plates, and the molds should be arranged reasonably according to the characteristics of the press to make the mold installation and operation more convenient.
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