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What is the reason for the material flower in the injection molding process of ABS injection molding?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-02
Some users don't know much about the injection molding industry, and they don't know how to judge the quality of the processed products. Today, Shenzhen Wo Neng Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will analyze the reasons for the flowering during ABS injection molding.

1. Because the water absorption rate of ABS raw material is relatively high, it is very sensitive to humidity. If it is not baked before putting it on the machine, the injection molded product will easily be blown due to water vapor.

2. If the quality of the material is too poor, if the material is not pure enough and contains other impurities, it will be difficult to dry no matter how you dry it. Generally, ABS with a price below 6,000 should be paid attention to.

3. If the dryer is faulty or the temperature is not adjusted properly, the raw materials will not be dried. According to experience, many drying boxes have uneven heat dissipation, and some materials are not dried even after drying.

Dry. The temperature of the thermal cycle dryer should be appropriate. If the temperature is low, the moisture is not easy to dry; if the temperature is high, it is easy to agglomerate.

4. The components in the barrel of the injection molding machine are faulty. No matter how you bake it and what material you choose, there will often be material flakes.

5. Mold problems lead to material waste, common exhaust problems, improper gate design, etc., or damage to the mold after being used for too long.

6. The temperature and time of injection molding should be appropriate. If the temperature is too high or the time of staying in the barrel is too long, the abs will decompose and produce gas, which will lead to the appearance of material flowers.

7. In addition, the back pressure and injection speed during injection molding should also be appropriate. When the back pressure is too low or not enough, the air in the melt cannot be completely extruded, which will also cause material flakes, and the back pressure should be increased appropriately.

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