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What is the reason for the decrease in the strength of plastic products?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-17
Injection molding is one of the commonly used methods in the production of plastic products. Although injection molding is widely used, it often lacks design experience in actual production. There are many types of plastic raw materials, complex structures of plastic parts, and many factors affecting the injection molding process, resulting in unqualified plastic parts. There are various molding defects on plastic parts.

The causes of these defects in injection molded parts are very complex, and sometimes many reasons interact with each other. It is difficult to accurately determine the cause of the defect, but it can generally be divided into defects caused by improper injection molding equipment, injection molding process and injection molding design. So, what is the reason for the decline in the strength of plastic products? There are the following aspects.
1) Plastic decomposition;
2) The injection molding temperature is too low;
3) Poor plastic welding;
4) The plastic is wet and not completely dry;

5) Mixing debris into the plastic;
6) Improper gate location;
7) Improper product design, with sharp-edged notches;
8) The thickness of the plastic around the metal insert is not enough;
9) The temperature of the plastic injection mold is too low;

10) Too many times of plastic recycling;
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