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What is the price of plastic injection mold in Shanghai

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-19
What is the price of Shanghai Kai injection mold? Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory pointed out that in the use of various tools in our daily life, whether it is electronic products or home appliances, the molding method used is injection molding. The injection molding method can usually clearly display many details, and it can also make the injection mold one-step molding, and the cost is extremely low. But I don't know if you have imagined,
What is the price of injection molds in Shanghai? Let's talk about it below!

How much is the price of precision injection molds? In fact, we don’t know the price of precision injection molds, but it is certain that the price will be many times higher than that of ordinary injection molds. We have said before that a pair of ordinary tablet PC shells The price of injection molding is 10,000 yuan. Just now we found that it is also an injection molding model of an electronic shell. Because it uses precision mold injection molding, each pair needs more than 50,000 yuan. One can imagine how big the gap is. . In fact, this is also what we can expect. If a part itself needs to use a precision injection mold, then its injection precision will be improved a lot. Not only does it require the accuracy of various data, but it will also require designers to put a lot of effort into it. . The price of the precision injection mold produced in this way is definitely not comparable to the price of the injection mold that can be completed in one step.

What is the price of injection molds in Shanghai? In fact, the price of precision injection molds is related to the structure, size, and number of cavities of the product. The precision mold itself will be much more expensive than ordinary injection molds, plus different injection molds The level of the mold factory is also different, and the price is naturally different. Even a product the size of a bottle cap may cost more than 50,000 yuan to get it, but this is not a very expensive price. If it is put in a good injection mold factory, it may cost more than 100,000 yuan. Secondly, the number of times the product is used is different from the material, and the price will also be different. For example, if the product we need is less than 500,000 molds, because it is easier, the soft film is used for the soup, and the material hardness of the injection mold is relatively low. , so it is more convenient to build. After this product comes out, the price will be slightly cheaper.
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