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What is the general price of injection mold opening in injection mold factory

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-05
What is the general price of injection mold opening in injection mold factory? The price of mold processing and manufacturing is almost open and transparent. When Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory quotes the mold, it needs to conduct a comprehensive evaluation on the structure, size, batch production quantity, quality requirements and other aspects of the injection molded parts. So, what is the general price of injection mold opening in the injection mold factory?

Generally speaking, mold price = mold design cost + mold material cost + trial mold cost + processing fee + packaging and transportation, etc. However, the complexity of the product structure is different, the quality requirements are different, and the cost of mold manufacturing will also vary, and there is no specific standard.

The more complex the product structure, the more complex the mold structure will be, the more parts such as fixtures will be, the longer the manufacturing and processing time will be, the more processing cycle and technical support will be consumed, and the mold processing cost will be relatively speaking. will be higher.

Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory said that for the same type of injection molded part, the price of injection mold opening given by different mold manufacturers generally does not vary too much, but the quality may vary widely. Therefore, I would like to remind all customers that while evaluating the price of injection mold opening, more attention should be paid to the technical capabilities and manufacturing experience of injection mold manufacturers in order to ensure the stability of injection molds, as well as the size, appearance, and stability of injection molding.

What is the general price of injection mold opening in an injection mold factory? Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory has served Japanese brands for more than 10 years. During mold manufacturing and processing, it will use 3D simulation mold flow analysis to predict mold risks and control the details of the production process. Cost; provide structure optimization, reduce R&D costs; material selection, improve product quality, quickly solve the problems of short customer development cycle, high quality requirements, product stability, and guaranteed delivery cycle.
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