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What is the cause of brittle fracture of plastic products?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-17
Plastic products often have brittle fracture defects during production. What are the common causes? Our engineers have summarized the following reasons for brittle fracture?

1. Insufficient injection and holding pressure of the injection molding machine;
2. The back pressure is too small, and the raw materials are not solid enough;

3. Excessive back pressure, shearing, and increased frictional heat;

4. The rate of fire is too slow and the crystallization is not sufficient;

5. The mold temperature is too high, and the raw materials are overheated, decomposed and deteriorated;

6. The mold temperature is too low and the crystallization is not sufficient;

7. Insufficient pressure holding time for injection;
8. The downtime of the injection molding machine is too long, and the injection cycle is too long;

9. The storage time is too long;

10. The proportion of secondary recycled materials in new materials is too large;

11. Insufficient raw material strength, toughness and viscosity;

12. Additives are unreasonable, or added too much;

13. Insufficient drying of raw materials;

14. The internal structure of the product is too thick in some places, too thin in some places, uneven, and the feeding place is unreasonable.

15. The feeding of the mold is not uniform, and the cooling well is not enough;

16. The wall thickness of the product is too thin

17. The temperature of the injection molding machine is high and low, unstable;

18. The material tube of the injection molding machine is not cleaned up;

19. The ejection is unreasonable, the stress of the plastic body increases, and rupture occurs;

20. The plastic mold cooling circuit is not well arranged.

These are the reasons for the brittle fracture of plastic products, but there will be many situations in the actual production process, and the specific problems need to be analyzed based on the employees' years of experience.
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