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What is plastic mold quenching?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-22
What is plastic mold quenching? Quenching can improve the quality of plastic molds and is a heat treatment technique often used in processing. Quenching is mainly to heat the metal material to a temperature sufficient for phase transformation for insulation, and then obtain a martensitic structure by rapid cooling greater than the critical cooling rate, and then use tempering at different temperatures to obtain the required mechanical properties.

The quenching temperature should consider the shape and size of the mold and the reason of the original structure. In order to ensure that the martensitic structure can be obtained after quenching, the heating temperature should be determined according to the critical point of the die steel.

The quenching time is generally calculated by the raw heat preservation of the workpiece. There are many factors that affect the quenching heating time, such as the main components and characteristics of the mold, the shape and size of the heated workpiece, and the heating medium.

Under normal circumstances, the cooling speed of quenching needs the critical cooling speed of big fish, but if the speed is too high, the internal stress of the workpiece will increase, resulting in deformation or cracking. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable quenching medium, common aqueous solution, mineral oil, and mold quenching can also be used in air.
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