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What is injection mold processing?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-21
Plastic is an important material that people cannot live without. Among the many products that people come into contact with in life, we can see the use of various plastics. It is precisely because of this that the processing of injection molds Making research is very important!

For the production and production of various plastics, the very important content is the mold. The quality of the mold will directly affect the quality of the plastic product, so the attention to the production and processing of the mold cannot be ignored.
In mold making, injection mold processing is an important part. Regarding mold processing, it mainly refers to the processing of forming and billet tools, and also includes shearing dies and die-cutting dies.

Usually, the mold consists of two parts, the upper mold and the lower mold. The steel plate is placed between the upper and lower molds, and the material is formed under the action of the press. When the press is opened, the workpiece determined by the shape of the mold is obtained or the corresponding waste is removed. Workpieces as small as electronic connectors and as large as automotive dashboards can be processed with injection molds.

With the development of the market today, it has gradually gained a larger market for injection mold processing, which is a very good development result for many injection mold processing companies.
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