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What is a precision injection mold?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-02
Precision injection mold manufacturing is a high-tech process that requires the use of precision machining machinery and equipment. The precision injection mold manufacturing process is necessary to develop precision plastic parts with complex geometries that can replace high-precision metal parts for various industrial applications.

The accuracy of the part depends largely on the precision injection mold and its applicability to meet the requirements of design engineering.
The accuracy of precision injection molds depends on the following factors, including:

Dimensional accuracy of injection mold cavity

The precise position of the injection mold cavity

Injection molds are divided into surface accuracy

Selection of Injection Mold Material
Dimensional tolerance of precision mold

Number of cavities in injection mold design

Bottom plate, support plate, cavity wall thickness

Runner size

Precision injection mold material (preferably steel and aluminum alloy with high mechanical strength)
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