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What details should be paid attention to when making prototypes

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-08
1. When bonding ABS prototype products, pay attention to the amount of glue used. If the glue is applied less, the product will not be firm, and if too much glue will consume more labor costs for later polishing. 2. Product process drawings and 3D drawings need to be carefully read. 3. For manual grinding, it is necessary to grasp the dimensional accuracy, c-angle, and product lines of the hand board. 4. When bonding the acrylic prototype, there should be no obvious glue bonding marks, air bubbles, etc. 5. Try not to glue the wrong place, dislocation and gap when assembling, and avoid secondary rework. 6. POM, nylon, aluminum alloy The prototype cannot be bonded, because the glue of these three materials cannot be bonded, so do not use CNC to disassemble and process. 7. The workpiece with R angle should not be polished into a right angle, and there are places with radians on the edge of the workpiece. Pay attention when grinding. 8. There must be no color difference or paint drop in the oil injection. When oiling, try to control the dust spots from adhering to the product. 9. Pay attention to the deformation and shrinkage of the complex mold, and there should not be too many bubbles and size problems. 10. For oxidized products, pay attention to the outer surface without dirt, scratches and color difference from the same batch. When making prototype proofing, you first need to pay attention to the 3D drawing of the product sample. Since the prototype is made according to the size of the 3D drawing, you must pay attention to the format of the 3D drawing file when sending the 3D drawing file to the prototype manufacturer for processing. And the size of the product is not all the picture file formats that the prototype factory can open, so it is best to ask which formats the prototype proofing can be opened and the prototype factory to confirm the size when sending. In addition, the 3D drawings sent must be complete, and there must be no cracks or missing surfaces, because once the drawings are missing or have slopes, they cannot be processed and produced.
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