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What are the types of two-color injection molding technology?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-17
Two-color injection molding technology is also called double injection molding technology, which is a technology that uses two kinds of plastic materials to mix injection molding plastic products. It is to plasticize two different plastic raw materials, and then use mold welding and installation to achieve the purpose of two-color injection molding.

1. Two-color injection molding technology type
1.1 Core rotary two-color injection molding technology

This technology is also called rotary core two-color injection molding technology. Its technical principle is to inject the first raw material plastic with injection equipment, inject it into the small hole of the mold, and become the first plastic after molding, then rotate the mold 180°, use the same injection equipment to inject the second raw material plastic until the second A plastic molding, the final sealing work, complete the basic two-color injection work.

The use and operation of this technology is relatively simple. Generally, workers with a little training can operate freely. It can greatly improve the design freedom of plastic products, and can use simple tools for processing.

1. Shrinkage mold core type two-color injection molding technology

Shrink core two-color injection molding technology mainly uses hydraulic device to compress the mold. First, under the control of the hydraulic device, the core that can move up and down is pushed to the position where the top rises like a piston, and the plastic raw material is injected. After the first material is solidified, the movable core is controlled to fall, and then another plastic material is injected, and then the hydraulic device is controlled to lift the core and press it until it is solidified and formed.

The plastic products pressed by this technology are initially produced, and then the molded plastic parts are taken out for subsequent processing. The technology is relatively simple to operate, and the movement time of the hydraulic device must be controlled.

1.3 The technical principle of the two-color injection technology of the stripping plate rotation
The technique should inject the first raw material before working. During injection, the other parts of the mold are closed, and when the injection mold is gradually cut off and separated, the rear insert gradually retreats, but it still exists in the stripping part, the mold retreats dynamically, the ejector rod and tie rod of the entire injection molding machine cool down and fall off, and the first part is completed;

The next step of the second part injection molding operation is generally the same as the first part, but the second injection uses two nozzles to inject at the same time, and after waiting for curing, the two parts are pushed out together to complete the injection molding cycle.

1.4 core sliding two-color injection technology

The working principle of core sliding two-color injection technology is to divide the core into two parts. For the first injection molding, slide the used core to the designated position for mold clamping injection molding, inject the first raw material plastic into the mold, and open it once after cooling.

The gearing slides the first core out, slides the second core into the cavity, and injects the second plastic. After cooling and molding, one injection cycle is completed, and then two composite products are released. This technical mode is more suitable for the needs of large two-color injection molded parts.
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