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What are the technical requirements for flanging plastic molds?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-19
In order to facilitate installation and replacement, flanging plastic molds need to separate easily damaged pieces. Considering the later assembly and adjustment, it is better to adopt the retaining wall structure for the block of the working part.

Under normal circumstances, the amount of overhang of the knife block shall not exceed 10mm. If there are special requirements, both parties must confirm in advance, and at the same time minimize the splicing surface of the flanging knife and the plastic knife.
There should be no screw holes, pin holes or other holes in the working area. Locating devices should be prioritized for their stability, holes, shape and profile.

During work, there are always several parts of the mold with relatively large lateral forces, and corresponding anti-lateral force structures need to be designed. Its guiding device preferably adopts implanted guide pillars and self-lubricating guide sleeves to keep the sleeve mouth flush with the lower surface of the upper die base.

When selecting a pressure elastic element, the pressure should be calculated in advance to ensure that the pressure is maintained in a balanced and sufficient pressure material. In principle, the pressure plate limit adopts working side pins and safety side pins, and the external office requires a tapered limit to prevent lateral force and pressure damage.

When arranging elastic elements, the balance between the pressure position and the pressure core should be considered. The part of the mold that needs to work cannot touch the material earlier than the pressing core, and it is allowed only after the material is fully pressed to avoid excessive problems.
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