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What are the processing techniques of plastic parts?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-21
The use of plastic parts occupies a very important position in people's lives, whether in daily life or in some equipment used in industrial production, there will be plastic parts.

Plastic parts processing, also known as plastic molding processing, is the process of processing plastic or synthetic resin into plastic products. The processing of plastic parts was developed due to the development of synthetic resins. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, plastic processing technology has also been greatly improved. So what does the processing technology of plastic parts generally consist of?
First, the ingredients. In addition to polymers, some plastic additives such as stabilizers, plasticizers, and colorants should be added to greatly improve the performance of plastic products and reduce production costs.

2. Forming. Form embryos of the desired shape from various forms of plastic. There are many methods of this molding, which are mainly selected according to the type of plastic, starting form, size and shape of the product.

3. Machining. This step can be used as an auxiliary process for molding. It can use the processing method of metal or wood to make a plastic product with accurate size or small quantity.

Four, receive. This step is to connect the plastic parts together. There are mainly two methods: welding and bonding.
Five, decoration. The purpose of this step is to beautify the surface of the plastic product, generally through mechanical decoration, i.e. grinding, frustration, polishing, etc.

Sixth, assembly. Combining processed individual plastic parts into a complete plastic product.
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