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What are the precautions for injection mold trial?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-02
When the injection mold is being tested, in addition to the preparations in the early stage, the problems that should be paid attention to later should also be paid attention to, so that real problems can be found during the mold testing process. Then the specific items of the injection mold testing are as follows: Which ones, VowinPrecision engineers will sort them out for you.

1. Get DFM ready

The engineer in charge needs to prepare DFM to check the mold structure in detail. If there is any problem, it needs to be clarified on the spot. If there is something wrong, it needs to be recorded in the mold test condition table for feedback and correction.

2. Check the waterway connection method and various condition settings

The project requires one-by-one water connection (following DFM, one in and one out), mold temperature setting, material tube temperature setting, and inspection of injection conditions. If there is any non-conformity, it needs to be corrected immediately. If it cannot be corrected immediately, it needs to be tested in the mold Record the condition table so that the problems can be improved during the review.

3. The product is shot 90%~95% full

Before the product is released, it is necessary to estimate the product measurement. Prioritize the position of the holding pressure switch according to the MOLDFLOW condition. The product needs to be kept at 0 holding pressure. The slow shooting product is 90-95% stable and the screw storage material is kept at about 10% (the mold has a mold When there are multiple cavities, it is necessary to check whether the feeding of each cavity is uniform, otherwise it is necessary to retain samples to facilitate mold adjustment) and then slowly increase the pressure of 10 pressures until the product looks the best.

4. Confirm the size and appearance

When the appearance of the product is adjusted to an acceptable state, take 2 models of the product, soak in water for 2-5 minutes, measure the size, take the product size as the benchmark, and adjust the size to the limit value in the drawing without assembly requirements, and then structure Adjust the appearance and fine-tune the injection parameters, and use the best appearance and structure conditions (confirm shrinkage, burr, lack of material, joint line and other defects) to print the required number of samples, and record the conditions and molding condition table for the next use, if there is no need to overcome Sample records are kept for review and improvement measures.

5. Confirm the temperature of the mold and the temperature of the water in and out of the water pipe

The temperature at the inlet and outlet of each water pipe should be measured at least three times before injection and after 10 molds and 30 molds. The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of each water pipe should not exceed 3 degrees. If there is a difference, immediately check the water flow and whether there is a wrong connection.

In addition, it is necessary to measure the actual temperature of the mold surface. According to the size and shape of the product, the temperature of at least 5 points needs to be measured for large products. If there is a large temperature difference, it needs to be confirmed. When the mold temperature is stable, it needs to be recorded on the actual temperature of the mold surface (take the average value ), the surface temperature of the mold needs to be within the recommended range of the physical property table, if the requirements cannot be met, you can try to change it if allowed.

6. Confirm the mold clamping situation

If there are burrs after the product is shot, you need to call the fitter to the scene immediately, spray red lead on the machine table, and close the mold with the maximum clamping pressure at low speed and low pressure about 30BAR to confirm the tightness of the mold matching

7. DOE analysis to find out the most suitable conditions

If the satisfactory size or deformation of the product cannot be achieved after multiple molding adjustments, the engineer will discuss with the adjustment technician, and the engineer will list the DOE analysis table, and make adjustments and combinations for the parameters that can be affected by product problems, and follow the plan , test one by one, and make condition records and sample records for each changed condition, CPK analysis, after completion, after testing and evaluation, select the best condition for next reference

8. Early detection and early resolution of problems

If there are deformation and size problems in the soft mold stage, you need to work hard to solve them in the soft mold stage, otherwise the meaning of mold opening will be lost

9. Mold change steps

When the mold needs to be changed, the customer needs to be notified, and the mold cannot be modified without authorization. Any changes require customer approval.

10. Data preservation

Properly keep all the records of sample inspection during the mold trial process, including various pressures in the processing cycle, melt and mold temperature, material tube temperature, injection action time, screw feeding period, etc. In short, all records that will be helpful in the future should be kept. It can be used to successfully establish the data of the same processing conditions in order to obtain products that meet the quality standards. At present, the factory often ignores the mold temperature during the mold trial, and the mold temperature is the most difficult to control during the short-term mold trial and future mass production, and the incorrect mold temperature is enough to affect the size, brightness, shrinkage, flow lines and material shortage of the sample. , if the mold temperature controller is not used to take care of it, difficulties may arise in mass production in the future.

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