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What are the precautions for injection mold processing?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-12
What are the precautions for injection mold processing? Many friends outside the industry may not be very clear. Below, Mulan will summarize the precautions for injection mold processing based on years of industry experience.

1. After combined processing, for the insert parts that need to be processed separately, the benchmark requirements for separate processing shall be installed during the combined processing;
2. When processing separately, pay attention to the technological requirements of processing accuracy;

3. Combined processing is required, and the process expression is clear;

4. The key and difficult points of processing, the process should be particularly emphasized;
5. The process preparation is concise, the expression is detailed, and the processing content is expressed digitally as much as possible;

6. The spring is most easily damaged in the mold processing, so the mold spring with long fatigue life should be selected.
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