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What are the molding methods of plastic processing products?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-21
The use of plastic processing products, whether in daily life, in offices, or in industry, occupies a very important position. Many equipments are produced, and these plastic products are indispensable. Because of this, the development of the plastics industry Has been affecting many industries.

There are many different molding methods for plastic processing products, and plastic products produced by different molding methods are also used in different industries. Generally speaking, the common molding methods of plastic processed products mainly include:
1. Extrusion molding: Extrusion molding is mostly used for thermoplastics. This is to extrude the melted and plasticized plastic from the mouth gap of the extruder head mold to form a profile similar to the shape of the mold mouth, and to produce plates, pipes, rods, wires, profiles, etc.

2. Injection molding: Injection molding is mostly used for thermoplastics, similar to extrusion molding. The difference is that molten plastic enters a closed mold through a nozzle, where it solidifies and takes shape. It produces more small packaging boxes, daily necessities, special-shaped parts, etc., and can also be used for lively plastic processing.

3. Blow molding: Blow molding is mostly used for thermoplastics. This is where molten plastic is placed in a mold and, under the pressure of compressed air, the plastic is blown close to the inner surface of the mold. .Demoulding into products, producing various hollow packaging containers, and also producing films, sheets, etc.

4. Compression molding: Compression molding is mostly used for thermosetting plastics, that is, powder molding. Put sheet or granular thermosetting resins and additives directly into the mold, close the mold, heat, pressurize, liquefy the plastic, and solidify after cooling. for the product.
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