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What are the methods of injection molding cost control

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-03
What are the methods for cost control of injection molding processing? Injection molding processing is a process in which plastics are heated and melted, processed by injection molding with the help of injection molds, cooled and molded, and then solidified and demoulded. Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory has a high degree of automation, simple operation, rapid prototyping, and mass production replication. With the increase in the number of industrial product categories, injection molding processing, a rapid mass production method, has been favored by more and more manufacturing industries. favor. However, injection molding requires the use of injection molds for production and processing. The mold structure is relatively complex and the manufacturing cost is high. Many people are concerned about how to control the cost of injection molding.

What are the ways to control the cost of injection molding? When it comes to the high manufacturing cost of injection molds, many people first think of reducing the manufacturing cost of injection molds as much as possible to reduce the cost of injection molding. In fact, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory stated that reducing the cost of injection mold manufacturing will lead to unstable quality of plastic parts processed by injection molding, low mold life, and repeated mold modification may be counterproductive, resulting in higher injection molding costs. So, what are the methods of injection molding processing cost control?

1. Injection mold: Reasonable mold structure design ensures the stability of the injection mold structure, and the precision of the mold life can be customized according to requirements; shorten the molding cycle, ensure the quality of injection molding of plastic parts, and can achieve energy saving and cost reduction;

2. Injection molding processing equipment: Injection molding processing equipment is another important factor besides injection molds. Injection molding processing machines consume a lot of energy during use. In the injection molding process, it is necessary to choose a suitable injection molding processing machine, and put an end to the 'anti-aircraft gun shooting mosquitoes' overkill injection molding processing, otherwise it will lead to a lot of waste of energy.

3. Injection molding processing technology: Under the premise of satisfying product performance, upgrade and optimize the process, and shorten the cooling time, pressure holding time, and molding cycle as much as possible.

What are the methods of injection molding processing cost control? Simply put, injection molding processing cost control needs to optimize the injection molding processing process, select suitable injection molding processing equipment, and save energy and reduce consumption on the premise of ensuring that the injection molding processing performance is satisfied and the quality of the injection molded parts is guaranteed. At the same time, the cost of injection molding can be controlled fundamentally by compressing the cost and cost of manufacturing time. Have you encountered any problems in the process of injection molding? Welcome to log on to the official website or contact Zuo Sheng, who has more than 20 years of experience in injection mold processing in our injection mold factory: 18926067475 (same number on WeChat), to communicate more details about injection molding.
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