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What are the key points of automotive injection mold design?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
The automotive industry has always been dominated by metal parts, but with the progress and development of plastic technology, many auto parts have been made of plastic products, which means that more and more auto parts will be replaced by plastic materials in the future. Therefore, the quality of plastic parts will become more important, and the injection mold determines the quality. How to design and manufacture automotive injection molds well, these points must be well controlled.

1. The design of the mold scheme is the key

Not only the automobile industry, but almost all plastic product mold design is a key. The design of automobile injection mold must make the mold more simplified. Simplified design scheme is a clear regulation for each optimization stage of plastic products. On the basis of this regulation Consider the basic requirements of important links. For example, in the design of the thickness of the automobile injection mold, try to make the thickness of the mold uniform, so as to prevent the occurrence of suitable glue positions with uneven thickness.

2. The compressive strength should be done well

The compressive strength and strength should be specified to a certain extent, otherwise it will not be able to withstand friction and will endanger the construction quality. The minimum strength requirement should not be less than HRC35, and very few special requirements require a strength above 50-52HRC. After forming, to make the surface glossy, it can be completed by grinding and polishing.

3. Select the parting line and parting surface of the automobile injection mold

The definition method of the parting line can be determined according to the shape of the part. The function of the fractal line is nothing more than to divide the product into two parts, and the existence of the same boundary line. It is divided into two parts: one part is located in the fixed mold, and the other part is the dynamic mold. To obtain the parting surface of the automobile injection mold, the fractal line can be used, and the parting surface of the mold can be determined by using the fractal line to scan around multiple molds.

4. The precision must be guaranteed

Automobile injection molds require high precision, and high-precision CNC machine tools are required to process automobile injection molds. Moreover, when selecting mold materials and molding processes, there must be strict requirements before production can be carried out. Specifically speaking, they are all shells used on instruments, and all raw materials are required to be environmentally friendly.
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