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What are the factors that affect the service life of plastic molds?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-09
Many daily and industrial products come out of molds. We can produce a lot of products by opening a set of molds. So can the molds be used forever? According to the normal logic, it is possible, as long as there is no problem with the mold and there is no change in the product design, then the mold can be used forever. But the mold itself is also an industrial product, and it must be worn. Once the mold is damaged, it will affect the quality of the finished product, so this set of molds is useless. What are the factors that specifically affect the service life of the mold?

1. Plastic mold material

Plastic mold materials should be selected according to the production program produced. For mass production, high-performance plastic mold materials with strong loading capacity and good fatigue damage ability should be selected.

Second, the quality of plastic mold processing

Defects in plastic mold parts during processing and heat treatment will affect the life of plastic molds. Residual tool marks on the surface of plastic molds, micro-cracks from spark processing, surface powder increase agents during heat treatment, decarburization and other shortages will affect the carrying capacity and life of plastic molds.

3. Plastic mold structure

Reasonable plastic mold structure helps to improve the load-bearing capacity of the plastic mold and reduce the heat and mechanical load that the plastic mold can bear. Reliable plastic mold guide mechanism prevents the punch and die from biting each other. Cold piers and cold extrusion dies that bear high-strength loads are processed through cross-sectional size changes to prevent stress concentration.

4. Working status of plastic mold

When processing plastic molds, the life of plastic molds is affected by the accuracy and rigidity of equipment, lubrication conditions, pretreatment status of processed materials, preheating and cooling conditions of plastic molds, etc. Example: The precision punching machine for thin materials is particularly sensitive to the industrial hunger and rigidity of the press, and a press with high precision and high rigidity should be selected to achieve good results.

5. Status of product parts

The surface quality of the parts processed by the defendant, the mechanical properties such as material hardness and elongation, and the dimensional accuracy of the processed parts are all directly related to the life of the plastic mold. For example: the special synthetic type with a mass fraction of nickel of 80% tends to have a strong bite with the working surface of the plastic mold, so the meshing of the working surface will pull the hair and directly affect whether the plastic mold works normally.

Six, corrosion failure

Injection molding alloys commonly used in injection mold factories include zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy, as well as pure aluminum injection molding. Zn, Al, and Mg are relatively active metal elements, and they have good affinity with mold materials, especially Al easy bite mold. When the hardness of the mold is high, the corrosion resistance is better, and if there are soft spots on the molding surface, the corrosion resistance is unfavorable.

During the use of plastic molds, regular checks must be made to detect problems in time. If there are quality problems, when should they be resolved, so as to avoid waste of materials.
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