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What are the design principles of overmolding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-18
What are the design principles of overmolding? Overmolding, also known as secondary molding, is a special molding process. Shanghai Mulan Plastic Overmolding Mold Factory is to wrap a layer of other plastic materials on the injection molding. Common TPE is a common lagging material. Lagging is also widely used in our daily life, such as toothbrushes, outdoor power supplies, and other products will use the lagging process. The effect of overmolding injection molding is inseparable from the quality of the overmolding mold. So, what are the requirements for the design of the overmolding mold, and what are the design principles of the overmolding mold for the overmolding factory?

Before the overmolding mold is manufactured, it is necessary to make the main hard rubber mold first, and then make the soft rubber mold. During the injection molding process, the hard rubber part is injected first, and then the plastic part is cooled and then put into another pair of molds for 2nd injection molding process, and the soft rubber is wrapped on the plastic part. This injection molding method is often used on the handle.

Compared with the two-color process, the overmolding process is more cumbersome, the molding processing cycle is longer, and the production efficiency is relatively low, so the overmolding mold is not suitable for plastic parts with high injection precision, but the specific situation still depends on the quality requirements of the plastic parts and structural requirements to decide.

What are the design principles of overmolding? Shanghai Mulan Plastic Overmolding Mold Factory has a 20-year technical team to provide mold-making solutions. The precision of mold life is customized according to the R&D process of exporting Japanese molds and customer requirements. The number of production can be as high as 300,000 to 1 million molds. Rich experience in overmolding and overmolding injection molding. If you have any questions about overmolding mold design and overmolding injection molding process, please contact us or visit the official website for more details.
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