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What are the design highlights of the flash in the two-color injection molding factory?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-17
What are the design highlights of flashing in the two-color injection molding factory? With the obvious improvement of people's living standards, the products of Shanghai Mulan Two-color Injection Mold Factory have gradually entered thousands of households. In the past, only middle-class and high-income people could buy two-color injection beauty products. Now, with the innovation of industry, the price is slow Slowly becoming more friendly to the people.

For the two-color injection molding beauty products of Shanghai Mulan Two-color Injection Mold Factory, the main consumer group is women, so it needs enough 'flash' design to impress the hearts of ladies. So, what factors are needed to form a hit and make women willing to buy it?

Generally speaking, it is necessary to form a strict quality control management system in the process of structural design, mold development, injection molding production, spraying and printing, so as to make the appearance of the product look high-grade.

What are the design highlights of flashing in the two-color injection molding factory? As far as the structural design is concerned, the products of Shanghai Mulan Two-color Injection Mold Factory generally consist of face shells, face supports, back supports, back shells and some small accessories, such as battery covers, buttons, buckles, waterproof rings, etc.

These components should be fully considered in the structural design of interfit, as well as assembly with components such as circuit boards and batteries.

There are many details to be considered in the design, such as material selection, internal structure, surface treatment, processing methods, packaging and decoration, etc. The specific details need to carefully consider the following points:

1. To review the rationality of the entire modeling design, including the product's mold release direction, draft angle, core pulling, structural strength, circuit installation, function realization, etc.;

2. According to the shape, determine the possibility of process realization, including mass production mold making, product assembly, shell electroplating, spraying, injection molding material selection, etc.;

3. Make a feasibility report for the realization of the product's functions, and use 3D printing to make a sample first;

4. The structural design should minimize the difficulty of mold design and manufacturing, improve the efficiency of injection molding production, and reduce mold costs and production costs.

5. Determine the production process and testing methods of the entire product to ensure the reliability of the product.

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