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What are the contents of plastic shell mold injection molding process?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-02
Plastic shell mold manufacturing process The complete injection process includes: 1. Preparation before molding; 2. Injection process; 3. Post-processing of plastic shell.

1. Preparation before molding
In order to make the plastic shell mold run smoothly and ensure the product quality, a series of preparatory work such as raw material pretreatment, cleaning of machine barrel, preheating of inserts and selection of release agent are required before production.

2. Injection process

The injection process of the plastic shell mold generally includes: feeding-plasticizing-injection-cooling-demoulding.

Feeding: Since injection molding is an intermittent process, quantitative feeding is required to ensure stable operation and uniform plasticization to obtain high-quality plastic parts.

Injection: The plunger or screw starts from the measuring position in the cylinder, applies high pressure through the injection cylinder and piston, and quickly sends the plastic melt into the closed cavity through the nozzle at the front end of the cylinder and the gating system in the plastic shell mold. Injection can be divided into three stages: flow molding, pressure supplement and reverse flow.

Cooling: When the plastic of the gating system freezes, there is no need to continue to maintain pressure, so the plunger or screw can be returned, the pressure of the plastic melt in the barrel can be removed, new material can be added, and cooling water can be connected to the plastic shell mold. Oil or Cooling media such as air further cools the plastic shell mould.

3. Post-processing of the plastic case.

After molding and demoulding, plastic parts cannot be put into use directly, and some treatment is required, because this treatment is carried out after molding and demoulding, so it is called plastic injection products after demoulding, such as waste edge repair, heat treatment (annealing) adjustment Wet treatment. Antistatic (surface) treatment. Out-of-mold fixed cooling. (Thermosetting plastic products) surface polishing treatment, etc.
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