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What are the common two-color injection molding processes

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
Two-color injection molding is the process of forming a plastic part through two kinds of plastics. Two-color injection molding can be realized by two injections of ordinary injection molding machines, or two different plastics can be completed on the same injection molding machine. But in comparison, the latter has great advantages in scope of application and production efficiency. So it has become the current trend of injection molding. So, what are the common two-color injection molding processes?

In general, the two-color injection molding process is mainly divided into four types according to the difference of the two-color mold:

1. Transfer mold: manual or automatic transfer of parts into the same mold for secondary injection;

2. Molding with rotating plate: the mold can be rotated 180° on the moving side, and one molded part is put into the cavity of two materials;

3. Molding with rotating base: the rotating mechanism is located in the mold, and the partially moved cavity leaves the mold assembly and turns back half a circle, then returns to its shell;

4. Mold with core ejection process: the space for secondary injection is formed by the movement of the core.

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