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What are the common problems in the process of plastic injection molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-18
What are the common problems in the overmolding process? Overmolding is also known as set beer or secondary injection molding. After the plastic material is molded in the mold, Shanghai Mulan Vertical Overmolding Injection Mold Factory takes out the formed parts and puts them into the overmolding mold for injection molding again. craft. The pre-process and post-process of this process are closely linked, and a little carelessness may lead to adverse problems. Next, Shanghai Mulan Vertical Overmolding Injection Mold Factory introduces the common problems in the secondary injection molding process of overmolding.

1. The size of the injection molded part deviates. In general, the overmolding injection molding is to inject the hard rubber first, and then inject the soft rubber. The soft rubber is usually to meet the appearance requirements, so the size requirements are not strict. However, under normal circumstances, the soft rubber does not shrink, and the hard rubber shrinks. If the first injection molding is completed, the timing of the second injection molding cannot meet the requirements, and dimensional deviations are prone to occur;

2. The package is not tight. The two kinds of materials are tightly packaged. The roughness of the mold surface needs to be considered. Therefore, when debugging injection molded parts, it is necessary to start up and debug to prevent the injection molded products from sticking to the mold and plugging materials. Avoid using mold release agents.

3. The molding cycle has passed the factory, and such problems often occur in overmolding injection molding. The main reason is that two injection moldings are required, so the efficiency is slightly lower than that of two-color injection molding.

The above is the detailed introduction of Shanghai Mulan Vertical Overmolding Injection Mold Factory about 'What are the common problems in the secondary injection molding process of overmolding'. If you have other technical questions about overmolding, please call our 20-year mold injection team to learn more about technical solutions and communicate!
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