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What are the benefits of welding plastic mold components?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-20
Benefits of Welding Plastic Mold Components:
First of all, compared with ordinary riveting, welding metal structural parts saves material, reduces weight, improves the bearing capacity of welded parts, and reduces energy consumption.

Second, the welding method is relatively flexible, which can effectively simplify the manufacturing process of complex parts and large parts, increase the processing speed, shorten the working time, and greatly shorten the production cycle. Many structures are combined in the form of casting and welding, which simplifies the processing technology.
Third, it has strong adaptability. Most metal materials and non-metal materials can be welded. It has a wide range of applications, good connection performance, and can meet the strength and other performance requirements of special parts of weldments.

Fourth, when different materials are connected together, good welding can make different parts of the part have different properties and meet the requirements of use.

Fifth, effectively reduce the processing intensity and reduce the working conditions of workers. However, when using different welding methods, the weldability varies greatly, and the structure at the welded joint is not uniform. This situation is usually due to deformation and cracks caused by stress during welding heat treatment.
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