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What are the basic elements of plastic molding mold design?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-17
1. Basic conditions for plastic molding mold design
There are two basic conditions for the design of plastic molding molds, namely, the material, performance, and specifications of the workpiece, and the type, performance, and specifications of the injection molding equipment.

2. Die design content and key technologies
The main content of plastic molding mold design is the optimization design and mechanical calculation of the workpiece molding process, the determination and calculation of size and dimensional accuracy; the key is the design of the mold surface.

3. The overall structure design of the mold
The overall structure design of the mold should meet the requirements

(1) Can produce qualified parts;

(2) Can meet the requirements of mass production;

(3) Easy to use and safe to operate;

(4) Sturdy and durable;

(5) Easy to manufacture and maintain;

(6) Low cost;
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