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What are the basic components of a plastic mold? What do they do?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-20
The basic parts of plastic molds include: molding parts, including dies, punches, and various molding cores, which are the inner, outer surface or upper, lower end faces, side holes, undercuts, and threaded parts of the molded product; supporting and fixing parts, Including mold base plate, fixed plate, support plate, spacer and so on. Used to fix the mold or support pressure: guide parts, including guide posts and guide sleeves, used to determine the relative direction of mold or tissue movement; core-pulling parts, including oblique pins, sliders, etc. , used to extract the movable core when the mold is opened, so that the product can be demolded: push rod, push tube, push block, push plate, push ring, push rod fixing plate, push plate, etc. , to release the product from the mold.

Injection molds mainly adopt standard mold frames, which are composed of standardized and serialized basic components in structure, form and scale. The mold cavity can be processed according to the shape of the product. Choosing a standard mold frame is beneficial to shorten the molding cycle. Composition of plastic molds: Blow molds, casting molds, and thermoforming molds are relatively simple in structure; compression molds, injection molds, and transfer molds are relatively chaotic in structure, and there are many parts that make up such molds.
Plastic mold effect: fixed mold seat plate (panel): its effect is to fix the front mold on it; runner plate (nozzle plate: its effect is to remove the material in the flow channel when the mold is opened; fixed mold fixed plate: its main effect It is a product that is formed together with the plate; push plate: its main effect is to take the product out of the mold when the mold is opened.

The main effect of the dynamic mold fixing plate is to form products together with the A-plate; Backing plate: its effect is to strengthen the strength of the plate and fix some parts on the A-plate; Gasket: mold feet, square iron, etc. Its effect is to make the top plate have a satisfactory activity space; top plate: its main effect is to fix the thimble, and push the thimble through the ejector rod of the injection machine; dynamic mold seat plate: lower splint, bottom plate, etc. Its main effect is to fix the rear mold on it; guide post and guide sleeve: its main effect is to guide the front and rear molds to complete all actions smoothly; ejector pin: its main effect is to launch the product when the mold is opened.

The above are the basic components of the plastic mold and their functions.
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