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What about the mucous membrane of the injection mold?​

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
What about the mucous membrane of the injection mold?

Injection mold sticky mold is divided into sticky front mold and sticky back mold, depending on the situation, the reasons for sticky mold:

(1) Poor polishing, such as sticking to the front mold, may be because the polishing of the rear mold is better than that of the front mold, and the mold trial mold is directly stuck to the front mold during the production process.

(2) The drafting slope design may be unreasonable. Theoretically, the drafting slope of the front mold is larger than that of the rear mold. If the drafting slope is reversed, the product may stick to the front mold.

(3) There is a vacuum when the front mold is opened, and the product is directly sucked on the front mold, which cannot be demolded normally, which is more common for shell and box products.

(4) The sticking of the rear mold may be due to poor polishing, too small a draft angle, and undercuts on the mold.

(5) The mold temperature is too low at the beginning, and the product has too much grip on the mold.

After understanding the reason why the product sticks to the mold during mold trial and production, the defect of plastic mold sticking to the mold can be solved. The method: the mold polishing front mold is better than the back mold, and for products with more ribs in the back mold, it is necessary to Increase the demoulding slope, but it depends on the processing of the product;

For shells, boxes and other products, if there is a vacuum in the front mold when the mold is opened, the front mold should be equipped with an exhaust needle to eliminate the influence of the vacuum. For some products, the rear mold should also be equipped with an exhaust needle; if the product structure has requirements for mold temperature If so, the mold temperature should be increased at the beginning of the mold trial to reduce the impact of the mold being too low at the beginning on the product package;

According to the characteristics of the plastic raw materials of the product, set reasonable injection molding process parameters to reduce the possibility of mold plastic product sticking.
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