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Welding joint construction technology of plastic mold

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-20
The masterbatch that is heated and cooled to different degrees in the weld seam and the surrounding area is the heat-affected zone of the weld seam, that is, the welded joint of the plastic mold.

The formation of fusion welding seam should produce a common molten pool through local heating and melting and the joint part of the workpiece, in the process of solidification and crystallization to become a whole.
A part of the skin of the electrode decomposes into gas at high temperature, surrounding the arc space and the protective layer formed by the molten pool. The other part enters the molten pool and reacts metallurgically with the metal to form slag, which floats on the surface of the weld to form slag protection.

The temperature in the welding metallurgy process will be very high, which will easily cause the evaporation of metal elements, and the increase in gas activity will cause burns of metal elements and harmful impurities.
The cooling speed is fast. The molten pool volume is small, the molten pool time is short, and the metal is cold. The chemical reaction in a short period of time cannot reach a uniform state, and the gas and impurities do not float out in time, forming pores.

In the welding process, in order to ensure the quality of the weld, effective technological measures must be taken to limit the entry of gases that have adverse effects on the weld and supplement the burned alloy elements.
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