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Two positioning structures for two-color injection molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-17
There are two positioning structures for two-color injection molding. Shanghai Mulan Two-color Injection Molding Factory said that two-color injection molding is a very popular mold processing technology. Compared with traditional molds, the two-color molds processed by this technology have more Good safety, because it is two-color injection molding, there is no need for additional painting and coloring after the mold is formed, so it is safer and can be used in more industries. So what kind of structure does double-color injection molding have?

1. Middle plate mold structure

Generally speaking, the two movable mold parts of the two-color injection mold are exactly the same. However, due to the process structure of the product two-color injection mold, the two movable molds need to be different and do not need a side core-pulling mechanism, so a middle plate mold structure is needed to solve this problem . The working principle of the middle plate mold is: during the injection molding process, the two pairs of movable molds do not rotate. After the injection molding machine completes one injection, open the fixed mobile mold, first push out the middle plate, then rotate the middle plate 180 degrees, then close the mold, and then perform secondary injection molding. In this way, the main part of the middle plate and the insert of the secondary part can be made into different shapes to achieve the desired design purpose.

2. Seesaw structure

Two positioning structures for two-color injection molding processing, Shanghai Mulan Two-color Injection Molding Factory said that the seesaw structure is a structure in which two sides move upward, while the other side moves downward around the central axis, thereby repeating the above steps, the seesaw structure Mainly used for keyboard mold design with numbers and letters. Containing enclosed numbers or letters, only by using a seesaw structure can the secondary material flow smoothly into the enclosed area, forming an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The working principle of the seesaw structure is: after one-time injection molding, the mold is opened, and the broken needle descends under the action of the push rod, so that the seesaw rotates around the rotating shaft, and the top plate of the broken needle is pushed up by the seesaw, so that the broken needle moves upwards, and the broken needle is placed in the closed area of ​​the primary product. A hole is broken at the boundary of the secondary injection mold. Then, during the closing process of the secondary injection mold, under the action of the return pin of the crusher, the crusher moves down to form a round hole, so that the secondary material can be drilled from the crusher into the closed area .
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