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Two-color mold injection molding process

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-18
Two-color mold injection molding process, in recent years, with the development and versatility of the plastics industry. The scope of application of plastic products is more and more extensive, such as: household appliances, instruments and meters, construction equipment, automobile industry, daily hardware and many other fields, the proportion of plastic products is increasing rapidly. However, with the increasing trend of plasticization of industrial products and daily-use products, Shanghai Mulan Double-color Mold Processing Factory is also constantly improving the strength and precision of plastic products. Therefore, in order to obtain better strength and precision of the two-color mold, a two-color mold injection molding process is required. So what is the two-color mold injection molding process?

Two-color mold is a tool for producing plastic products. It is generally composed of several parts. There is a molding cavity in this combination. During injection molding, the two-color mold is clamped on the injection molding machine, the molten plastic is injected into the molding cavity, and cooled and shaped in the cavity, then the upper and lower molds are separated, and the product is ejected from the mold cavity through the ejector system to leave the mold, and the two-color mold is then Closed for the next injection, the entire injection molding process is cyclical.

Two-color mold injection molding process, plastic raw materials, toner, nozzle materials, molds, injection molding machines, peripheral equipment, fixtures, sprays, various auxiliary materials and packaging materials are required in the injection molding production process. In order to make the production and operation of the injection molding workshop smooth, it is necessary to manage the personnel, materials, equipment, tools, etc. involved in each link and each post, mainly including: raw material room, crushed material room, batching room, production site, after-sales service, etc. Operation and coordination management of processing area, tool room, semi-finished product area, office and other areas.

Because the mold or semi-finished product needs to be rotated, the requirements for two-color mold design and injection molding machine are more precise. In addition, due to the high variability of two-color mold injection molding, in order to achieve smooth production and meet expectations, all two-color mold designs must be considered simultaneously with product design.

The above is the content introduced by Shanghai Mulan two-color mold processing factory, which is the two-color mold injection molding process. With the continuous maturity of my country's two-color mold injection molding processing technology, my country is gradually becoming a manufacturing base for global consumer products. In recent years, manufacturers of plastic products in South China have undertaken many orders that require two-color mold injection molding skills. Mold injection molding technology should be more sophisticated.
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