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Two-color injection molding products and key points of mold design

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-17
3.1 Structural characteristics of two-color injection molding products
The structure of two-color injection molding products is very different from ordinary plastic products. Due to the use of two different injection molding materials, its products have two different properties and characteristics, which are fundamentally different from ordinary injection molding products; at the same time, detailed structural design of two-color injection molding products is required before injection molding, and the compatibility of the two materials should be fully considered .

Combining the functions of plastic products and the use environment, design the mixing ratio and connection method of the two materials, analyze the complexity of the process in detail, and consider the use strength to make the two-color injection molding products meet the relevant material standards and requirements.

3.1. Select 12 materials
Two-color injection molding technology uses two different materials for injection molding, so choosing two different materials is also an important process. Generally, two plastics of different colors are used, which can greatly improve the strength and durability of the injection molded product, making it easier to fuse and form. However, special-purpose products may need to take advantage of the situation where the properties of the two materials are quite different, which requires solving the problem that the fusion of two different materials is difficult.

The main problem is delamination and shedding, which is a fatal blow to injection molding products. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider the shrinkage rate and different functional conditions of the interface, and adjust the proportion of materials used.

3.1.2 Product internal structure and shape design

The design of product structure and shape must first consider the purpose and use of the product, and conduct detailed research on the size and internal structure.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to increase the contact area of ​​the two materials to enhance the firmness. Here, we can design some small grooves and convex grooves inside the product for inlay and stitching, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the contact area of ​​the two materials. The use strength and service life of the product can be better improved during injection molding, and the practicability can be enhanced.

3. Rotary mold double speed injection mold

Such molds require different considerations in the forming part. First of all, the concave and convex grooves of the two injection molds need to be strictly designed to ensure that they can be tightly combined during the docking process. At the same time, when designing the demoulding mechanism, a secondary injection is required to demould. Different injection molding methods require different finer distinctions. After the vertical rotary injection machine is demolded, the product is ejected to complete the relevant operations, and the demoulding situation of the ejected injection machine cannot be used.
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