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Things You Should Know To Implement A CNC Model

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-02
A CNC model is a CNC prototype built before the product goes into production, also known as a model. According to different materials, it can be divided into CNC aluminum prototype and CNC plastic prototype. With the development of modern industry, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to R&D investment. In order to adapt to the rapidly changing market, it is necessary to advance and speed up the product development phase using CNC mode. How to implement a CNC model? Here are some helpful suggestions. Preparations for making CNC models 1. Prepare 2D drawings and 3D models For 2D and 3D files, design can be done by many tools, such as Illustrator, Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Sketch Up, etc.) All files should be made according to actual size and units zoom. 2. Determine the material Different materials are used in different industries, it is important to choose the right material for your CNC model. There are several factors to consider when selecting a material for a given application. The most critical ones include: a. The use of functional products affects the materials used in the end. If certain mechanical functions are to be performed, the material may need to have better strength. If it is just an appearance test, there are no more restrictions on the material. b. Quantity Quantity is one of the key factors to determine the material. Different processes are suitable for different quantities, and different processes will use different materials. Taking aluminum as an example, ADC12 is used for die casting, while Al 6061 is used for CNC. If the quantity is 2000, it will be faster and cheaper to use die casting, in which case ADC12 can be chosen. c. Cost d. Delivery time 3. Determining the surface finish In the CNC model, various surface treatments are used. Surface finishing refers to the formation of a surface layer with special properties on the surface of a material product by chemical or physical means. Surface treatments can improve a part's appearance, corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, strength, and other properties. Some common surface treatments for CNC machined parts can be considered, such as machining, anodizing, powder coating, sandblasting, painting, etc. Selecting a Supplier for Your CNC Models Providing CNC models from suppliers can help speed up your product development, and you can get professional advice, which helps save time and cost. When selecting a supplier, set a standard, determine what the main concerns are, and consider the following questions before making a decision. 1. Qualification A qualified company will be more careful in quality control and customer satisfaction. 2. Establishment time The longer the factory has been established, the more experienced it will be. 3. Technical personnel and equipment Technical equipment and professional personnel are an important part of a CNC factory, and have a profound impact on whether the CNC factory can run smoothly. 4. Does the expertise of the CNC factory meet your needs? There are many advantages to having a supplier who specializes in the products you need. This will help increase your knowledge, speed up your product development and make you more professional. 5. After-sales service How to deal with customer complaints is the key to evaluating suppliers. It is not terrible to make mistakes, what is important is how to deal with them. Reasons for choosing Woneng to make CNC model prototypes 1. Quality: Vowinis an ISO 9001 certified factory. Through the implementation of the total quality management system, strengthen the quality control and inspection of each link of production, ensure the optimization of the company's processes and effective communication between customers and departments, train employees' quality awareness, and promote continuous technological upgrades to effectively produce high-quality products. quality product. 2. Experience and technology: Experience and technology play an important role in the field of CNC machining. Especially for some complex parts, Viken will provide manufacturing design suggestions during the evaluation. Before manufacturing, the production department will review the parts again to ensure that everything is normal, and help customers with the process trial assembly of the parts before delivery. to make sure everything works. 3. Service: Vowinis not only good at providing high-quality products, but also has a technical sales team with strong engineering communication skills. We provide fast response speed, timely delivery, good packaging and positive after-sales attitude for your projects. Summary Woneng Rapid Manufacturing is an ISO 9001 certified factory with advanced CNC machining equipment, providing CNC prototypes and models. Engineers and master craftsmen also have more than 20 years experience in this field. Woneng can provide the most timely and cost-effective solutions and quotations. Woneng is committed to making every customer satisfied and successful. If you have any questions, please contact us to experience our service.
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