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The necessity of making prototypes

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-04
What is a prototype? Prototype is also called the first board, rapid prototyping or mockup, etc. After the designer completes the product design, there is no need to open the mold. We make one or several models that are the same as the real product according to the product appearance or structural drawings to check the appearance, structural rationality or A sample for market research, this is the prototype. Prototype model making process: Prototype—express the design with physical objects, making the design more concrete and intuitive. It is to use creative craftsmanship to innovate products! No matter how advanced the machinery and equipment are, the prototype is always inseparable from fine manual processing; advanced software can simulate very realistic product drawings, but the prototype is not a simulation, but a real representation of the design. Any defects and flaws can be made up and improved in the early stage of product development, so that the product has a mature design before the mold is opened, reducing the risk of product development. The main functions of making prototypes for new products are as follows: (1) Make the designed products more intuitively displayed in front of designers, facilitate the discovery of deficiencies and defects in the design, and extend the creativity of designers; (2) ) It is convenient for engineers to find out the engineering and process problems existing in the product structure, propose solutions, and optimize the product structure and functions; , to gain opportunities for products to seize the market; (4) It can be used as a physical exhibit in exhibitions and trade fairs, saving the company's development costs and a feedback from market research. Process flow: 1) CNC machining can process product samples with relatively high precision. The applied materials mainly include ABS, PC, PP, aluminum alloy, etc. Bakelite and aluminum alloy are commonly used in the production of fixtures and other products; 2 ) Vacuum coating The product samples produced by vacuum coating have a certain percentage of shrinkage, and the cost of vacuum coating product samples is generally lower than that of CNC. The price of the mold is low (except for those with special requirements for the material of the sample from the mold); the technology of vacuum molding can be used in two ways: A) small batch product sample production; B) change the material; it can be made of plaster The sample of clay sculpture can be changed to PU or POLY material which is easy for subsequent processing through overmolding, or the ABS material can be changed to a material with special requirements (such as: transparent, high temperature resistant, high strength, or silica gel) characteristics, etc.). 3) Surface treatment After years of accumulation, Vowinhas a very rich and comprehensive process for the treatment of panels, including painting (glossy, matte, metallic paint, rubber paint, pearlescent paint, etc.), sandblasting, polishing, electroplating ( Vacuum plating, water plating), bronzing, etc.
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