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The mold factory shares the determination of the specifications of the injection mold mold base

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-15
1. Selection of formwork size

The width of the mold base of Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory should be smaller than the distance between the two guide pillars of the injection molding machine. Should be as large as possible. Injection molds that require manipulator pick-up should be easy to grab and eject. At the same time, the effective space for the manipulator nozzle clamp to enter the nozzle plate should be 150mmx200mm.

Formwork thickness requirements are as follows. ① Within the limit opening and closing range of the front and rear templates of the injection molding machine, the thickness is between (Hmin+5mm) and (Hmax-5mm). ②Meet the requirements of injection mold structure. ③Meet the requirements of injection mold strength and rigidity.

Second, the provisions of the formwork plate ring screw hole

The formwork boards must be drilled with ring screw holes, and the specifications are processed according to the standard formwork screw holes. For formwork boards weighing more than 25kg, the lower ring screw holes must be added by Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory. hole. In order to prevent the screw holes from interfering with the square positioning block, row water transportation, etc. in special occasions, the screw holes must be offset from the template, and the screw holes must be processed in double. Two lifting rings must be matched with the mold. The position of the lifting ring must ensure that the hoisting is stable, and the deflection angle between the fixed plate of the injection mold and the mounting plate of the injection molding machine is less than 5°.

Three, the engraving of the formwork code

After the formwork is returned to the factory, steel stamps must be engraved on each formwork plate. Regardless of the size of the formwork, use 8# steel stamps to engrave on the base corner of the template. The height of the words is 8mm, and the interval between each word is 1mm. line to ensure smooth and clear lettering.

4. Formwork auxiliary device

1. Support head (pillar)

To prevent clamping force or injection pressure during injection molding from bending and deforming the template to form a mold, the finished product and quality of the plastic part cannot meet the requirements, and a brace should be added between the code template and the lower mold. The requirements are as follows.

① The diameter of the support head should be selected as large as possible, and the height of the support head = the height of the mold partition plate + 0.05 or + 0.1 (mm).

② The position of the support head should be placed at the place where the injection pressure of the lower formwork is concentrated, and it should be placed in the middle of the partition plate as much as possible.

2. Positioning block

The positioning block can ensure the alignment of the upper and lower molds, and bear the lateral force generated by the injection mold being filled with molten glue during injection. There are three types of positioning blocks: square positioning blocks, circular positioning cones, and original positioning blocks of the mold; large molds must bear large lateral forces, and the original positioning of the injection mold is generally used.

3. Lock template

In order to prevent accidents caused by the separation of injection molds during handling and transportation, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory needs to lock the template on the surface of the mold base. The lock template is selected according to actual needs, which is convenient to use and meets safety requirements. The length of the multi-parting surface locking template is generally unified to 100mm, and it is fixed separately. One parting surface has two corners, which can be rotated 90° or 180° during production and fixed on the mold. The template should be sampled to prevent it from being broken when it is not disassembled. The locking template is fixed with M16 screws.

4. Positioning ring

The positioning ring is the connection and positioning part of the injection molding machine and the injection mold, and self-made standard parts can be used.

5. Equipped with nozzle and sprue sleeve

The depth direction of the space where the nozzle enters the injection mold<120mm, diameter direction>φ80mm, when the structure requires that the nozzle extension size conflicts with the above two size requirements, the injection mold manufacturer should equip the mold with a special nozzle. The nozzle formed from the gate sleeve to the surface of the positioning ring extends into the inner cavity, which is generally designed as a circular or tapered cavity, and forms a sealed and tapered form to prevent the nozzle from leaking into the mold.

Five, pry mold pit

① Except for the panel, bottom plate and ejector plate, all formwork must have prying pits at the four corners; ②The size of the prying pit between A and B plates: 25mmx25mmx5mm; ③The size of other formwork: 20mmx20mmx3mm.

6. Die nameplate specification

①The nameplate specifications (for reference) of the equipment with a clamping force of 350t and above are as follows: 100mmx70mm; ②Nameplate material: made of aluminum plate with a thickness of 0.5~1mm.

Seven, code mold groove

When the external dimensions of the injection mold and the working space of the equipped equipment have enough margin, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory adopts the installation method of direct pressure of screw holes or U-shaped groove. If the hollow screw is milled on the mold cavity and directly fixed, the space for screw assembly and disassembly should be considered. Use the pressing method of the mounting seat of the I-shaped mold pressing plate or the opening code groove of the straight body mold. The die slot should be as long as possible, with enough room next to it for two die clips each.

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