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The importance of a product color choice

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-10
When a product is designed, it is often necessary to select the color of the product. But how to choose the color well, so that the overall color sense can achieve the most perfect effect, and the most important thing is how to let the prototype company know which color you choose? Next, I will introduce you to two internationally accepted color cards : 1. Pantone (PANTONE) color card: Pantone (PANTONE) is a world-renowned authority in terms of color, and it is also a supplier of color systems and leading technologies in color selection and accurate communication. The name Pantone (PANTONE) is recognized in the world as an international standard language in color communication from designers to manufacturers, retailers, and finally to customers. After four decades of accumulated experience, Pantone (PANTONE) has become a global market leader in color communication and color technology, mainly used in graphic design, printing, publishing, textile and plastic industries. 2. Raul color card: It is a color card brand in Germany. This color card is widely used in the world. It is also called RAL international color card. The Chinese translation is: Raul color card. Since 1927, when RAL was involved in color, it has created a unified language, established standard statistics and naming for colorful colors, and these standards are widely understood and applied all over the world. The 4-digit RAL color has been used as a color standard for 70 years, and has developed to more than 200 types so far. The RAL design system has been developed for professional color design and is especially useful for the construction industry. It contains 1688 colors arranged in a regular order. So the seven-digit color is divided into separate RAL colors. Unlike the RAL classical color card, the color codes of the RAL design system are not arranged randomly. These seven-digit colors show chroma, brightness and chromaticity (color saturation degrees) technical measurements of HLC. Because the color number is based on the international standard CIE color solid, the code is clear and easy to understand, you can find any color you want to choose, it is an excellent tool for designers and other people related to the same color, using this system to coordinate the color combination will become very Easy The above two are the two common color cards for research and development. You can find your favorite color through the above two color cards, and according to the different industries, correctly determine the color you need, and then tell the number to the designer, and the designer will give it to you. Create a color that belongs to you and color your products.
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