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The common problem of plastic mold injection is that the gate is stuck by the gate sleeve

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-21
In the process of plastic mold injection, we often encounter the situation that the nozzle is stuck by the injection mask. Today we will analyze what causes this situation and how to solve it.

What is the reason why the plastic mold injection gate is stuck by the gate sleeve?
(1) The calibration of plastic mold injection mask and nozzle is not accurate.

(2) There is too much plastic filled in the nozzle sleeve.

(3) The nozzle temperature is too low.

(4) The plastic in the nozzle is not completely solidified, especially the nozzle with a larger diameter.

(5) The arc surface of the plastic mold injection mask and the arc surface of the nozzle are improperly matched, similar to the flow path of 'mushroom'.

(6) The ejection angle of the runner is not enough.

(1) Re-align the nozzle and nozzle sleeve.

(2) Reduce the injection pressure.

(3) Reduce the time for the screw to move forward.

(4) Increase the nozzle temperature or heat the nozzle with an independent temperature controller.

(5) Increase the injection cooling time of the plastic mold, but a better method is to replace the original injection mask with a small nozzle.

(6) Correct the mating surface of the plastic mold injection nozzle sleeve and the syringe.

(7) Appropriately expand the release angle of the injection runner of the plastic mold.
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