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The basic flow of two-color mold injection molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-18
With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic concept, the use of single-color molds is gradually reduced, and the use of two-color molds is also increasing. The two-color mold is basically processed by injection molding, that is, the injection molding of two plastics on the same injection molding machine is divided into two parts, but the product is only molded once. Many people are very curious about the injection molding process of two-color molds. Today, Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Processing Factory will share with you the basic process of two-color mold injection molding.

1. Process analysis

Before designing a two-color mold, the designer should fully analyze and study whether the plastic product meets the principles of injection molding, and carefully negotiate with all parties involved in the product to reach a consensus. This includes the necessary discussion of product geometry, dimensional accuracy, and appearance requirements to avoid unnecessary complexity in the injection molding process as much as possible.

2. Structural design

To produce high-quality two-color molds, not only must good processing equipment and skilled two-color injection molding workers, but also a good mold design, especially for complex molds, the mold design quality accounts for more than 80% of the mold quality. A mold design is: under the premise of meeting the requirements of customers, the processing cost is low, the processing difficulty is small, and the processing time is short, and it also has a great influence on the injection molding machine, processing technology, mold structure and the processing capacity of the mold factory itself.

3. Determination of mold material

When choosing mold materials, in addition to considering the accuracy and quality of the product, it is also combined with actual processing capabilities and heat treatment capabilities to give the two-color mold manufacturer the correct choice.

4. Selection of standard parts

Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Processing Factory In order to effectively shorten the manufacturing cycle of two-color molds, manufacturers should use existing standard parts as much as possible for injection molding of two-color molds.

5. Parts processing and mold assembly

In the design of injection molds, in addition to providing better structure and reasonable tolerance matching, part processing and mold assembly are also important. Therefore, in two-color injection molding, the choice of processing accuracy and processing method plays a leading role.

6. Trial

The basic process of two-color mold injection molding, Shanghai Mulan two-color mold processing factory from the beginning of design to the completion of assembly, the molding of a set of molds only accounts for 70% of the entire manufacturing process. The error caused by the inconsistency between the scheduled shrinkage and the actual shrinkage, smooth demoulding, cooling effect, especially the influence of the position, size and shape of the gate on the accuracy and appearance of the product must be tested by mold testing. Therefore, testing the mold is an essential step to check whether the two-color mold is qualified and choose a better molding process.
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