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Technical requirements for two-color mold injection molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-02
What are the technical requirements for injection molding of two-color molds? Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Factory said that two-color molds can inject two different raw materials into the same set of molds to achieve simultaneous injection molding of multiple colors. An injection molding process. The two materials can be of different colors, or of different hardness or of different properties. Compared with overmolding, two-shot injection molding is more efficient. However, due to the one-time injection molding of two raw materials, the technical requirements for the manufacture of two-color molds are higher. So, what are the technical requirements for injection molding of two-color molds?

1. Generally speaking, the two-color mold adopts a rotary mold, and the concave mold on the two positions of the mold, the size and precision of the convex mold are consistent, and the cooperation is good;

2. When designing the gate position of the two-color mold, you must be careful. It is recommended to choose latent glue feeding to ensure that plastic parts and runners can be cut off automatically; if conditions do not allow latent glue feeding, three-plate molds or hot runner molds can be considered;

3. In the selection of two-color mold manufacturing and processing materials, it is usually the same plastic of different colors, or two different raw materials. The specific situation needs to comprehensively evaluate the appearance and performance requirements of plastic parts, and consider the difference in material contact surface treatment and shrinkage rate , Processing parameters and so on.

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