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Technical Difficulties of Two-color Mold Injection Molding for Electric Toothbrush

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-05
The technical difficulties of two-color mold injection molding for electric toothbrushes, Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Factory in order to ensure that electric toothbrushes, such precision plastic parts, have exquisite appearance, rich colors, and good hand feel. Brand companies and e-commerce companies generally choose two-color molds for injection molding. However, compared with the overmolding mold, the structure of the two-color mold is more complicated, and there will be mistakes if you don’t pay attention, so the technical requirements for the two-color mold engineer are more stringent. Many customers are concerned about the technical difficulties of electric toothbrush two-color mold injection molding, so today I will popularize it for everyone. In fact, in general, the technical difficulties of two-color mold injection molding are mainly manifested in three aspects:

1. Shrinkage rate: Two-color molds need to combine two different raw materials, so it is necessary to consider the shrinkage rate, especially the shrinkage rate during one injection molding, resulting in a size gap;

2. Exhaust, during the injection molding process, it is inevitable that gas will be generated. If these gases cannot be effectively discharged, burrs and other defects may occur;

3. Filling. Compared with other injection molding, the secondary injection molding of the two-color mold may cause the plastic insert to bend, so it is necessary to balance the injection and position of the plastic insert, so the installation and adjustment of the two-color mold are particularly important.

The above is the detailed introduction of 'Technical Difficulties in Injection Molding of Electric Toothbrush Two-color Mold' by Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Factory. Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory has served Japanese brands for 10 years. It has accumulated experience in product research and development, two-color mold manufacturing, two-color injection molding, mass production management, and quality management. It can provide customized one-stop manufacturing solutions for electric toothbrush products. You are welcome to consult online, or log in to the official website for more technical information.
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