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Technical difficulties of two-color injection molding process

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-02
The technical difficulty of the two-color injection molding process is that two different plastics are injected into one set of molds. Shanghai Mulan Double-color Injection Molding Factory molds two materials or colors on one plastic part at the same time. This
Two kinds of plastics can be different colors, soft and hard different materials. In recent years, the demand for two-color injection molding has been increasing, and it has become more and more widely used in home appliances, automobiles, medical and industrial fields. Cross-border e-commerce companies, brand companies, and trading companies that have special requirements for appearance will choose two-color injection molding when designing products. So, what places need special attention in the two-color injection molding process?

Shanghai Mulan focuses on the customized business of small household appliances, household beauty instruments, and maternal and child products. It has accumulated experience in product research and development, two-color molds, two-color injection molding, mass production management, and quality management in serving Japanese brands for 10 years. It also has its own set of standards in the technology of the two-color injection molding process.

1. During two-color injection molding, because the flow channel of the two-color injection molding mold is relatively long and the structure is relatively complicated, so in order to ensure that the melts of two different colors can be better welded in the two-color mold during injection molding, to ensure The molding quality of plastic parts requires higher parameter values ​​to ensure higher melt temperature, higher mold temperature, higher injection pressure and injection rate.

2. For two-color injection molding, it is necessary to select a special two-color injection molding processing machine equipped with 2-component molds that can be rotated and transposed, and have the same structure.

3. In terms of raw materials, two-color injection molding needs to use raw materials with good thermal stability and low melt viscosity to avoid decomposition due to high melt temperature caused by staying in the mold flow channel for too long, so two-color injection molding is more commonly used plastics Most of the raw materials are polyolefin resin, polystyrene and ABS.

The above are the technical points of the two-color injection molding process shared by Shanghai Mulan Two-color Injection Mold Factory. If you are interested in two-color injection molding and two-color mold manufacturing, or want to know more about the application of two-color injection molding, please visit the official website to learn more or contact us. ).
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