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Teach you how to find a reliable injection molding manufacturer

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-15
To teach you how to find a reliable injection molding manufacturer, Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory pointed out that in recent years, more and more new entrepreneurs have begun to use the Internet and other new models to enter the physical industry. Then, for these newcomers, finding a reliable injection molding manufacturer to mass-produce products has become the core. This link may determine the life cycle of your company. So, how should you choose a reliable injection molding manufacturer? In fact, as long as you learn the following points, the injection molding manufacturer you are looking for will not be far behind.

1. Professional ability

First of all, it is necessary to conduct a 360-degree inspection of the injection molding manufacturer to see if it is a one-stop injection molding manufacturer, whether it can provide mold design and manufacturing, product injection molding processing, and surface treatment of plastic shells. The main purpose is to test whether its professional ability is sufficient to support later mass production. Many factories can only engage in a certain part of injection molding, and then resell the rest, so many later stages of implementation are completely out of control, burying a lot of risks.

2. Corporate Culture

Teach you how to find a reliable injection molding manufacturer, corporate culture is something that most people tend to ignore. In fact, if all injection molding manufacturers compete with each other in terms of hardware, there will not be much difference in the same echelon, but there will be great differences in corporate culture, rules and regulations, and team spirit. If the corporate culture of an injection molding processing factory is well done, then they must have clear missions, values ​​and methods of doing things, and their work processes are often very detailed, which is much better than the conventional superficial management system.

3. Service Ability

Needless to say, the services of injection molding manufacturers are not only pre-sales, sales, and after-sales. It is not only whether the delivery can be delivered on time, but more importantly, it is necessary to perceive the needs of customers in advance, to be able to do a good job in advance, and to avoid problems. When encountering problems, you must be able to respond quickly and not be passive. You must actively cooperate to solve problems, seek a more suitable way, and be willing to optimize your own process system.

4. Quality testing

Maybe what you said is good, but you have to do a small sample test. First of all, injection molding manufacturers are required to provide proofing services according to the preset goals. Through this link, the production quality of the injection molding processing factory can basically be tested. If the effect of the sample link is not very satisfactory, then the next big goods will basically be poor. Therefore, the proofing and testing links are the last layer of the insurance mechanism and need to be carefully checked.

5. Cost performance

Teach you how to find a reliable injection molding manufacturer. After cost performance, it is usually small manufacturers who are negotiating prices with you. If you want to find a reliable injection molding manufacturer, this link is generally placed at the end. If you find an injection molding manufacturer that meets the previous links, you will usually find two or so companies to compare their quotations. After comparing regions, prices, services, etc., you can basically find an injection molding manufacturer that suits you.
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