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Talking about the cost control method of two-color mold processing

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-15
Talk about the cost control method of double-color mold processing? If you are looking for plastic mold processing, Shanghai Mulan Double-color Mold Factory, the first thing to consider is: 1. Whether the price is suitable, and 2. The delivery cycle. Let's take a look. The so-called focus on two-color molds is naturally inseparable from injection molding and molds. Only with molds can we talk about injection molding, and a good set of molds can cast a good product. The quality of the mold determines the production capacity and product quality during injection molding. The so-called ten years of work off stage and one minute on stage is the truth! If you want to control the cost of molds, you need to pay attention to several aspects:

Two-color mold cost control: To reduce costs, we must first start with R&D and design, and then start with manufacturing.

1. Designers are familiar with materials and manufacturing processes, and can use lower materials without affecting product quality, which also helps to reduce costs.

2. Managers need to learn cost accounting methods, such as what standards to use? Standard steps? How many man-hours are required to effectively control costs.

3. Familiar products can reduce costs systematically. On the one hand, the fixed cost is shared because of the large batch of products. On the other hand, some design changes can also reduce material consumption.

Cost is a major control issue for any company, and two-color mold manufacturers are no exception. The cost control of two-color molds is also a top priority. As long as this link is not done, no matter how busy you are, it will be useless.

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