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Street lamp hardware prototype processing process

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-06
This prototype part is the upper shell of aluminum alloy street lamps, and the powder spraying after die-casting is used in batch processing. Because such a large product is expensive to mold, if the structure is wrong, it will cause high mold repair costs, so customers must use CNC small batch processing to verify the appearance and structure. Because Wo Neng has advantages in the quality and price of hardware prototype processing, it eventually led to a perfect cooperation. The product size is 500*230*150. The first step is to check whether each workpiece meets the processing requirements by the drawing review department. If there is any CNC machining that cannot be processed, it is necessary to communicate with the customer whether to modify the drawing or make other modification plans; the second step Come to the programming department to do dismantling and programming, write CNC machining formulas and select tools, calculate the size of the materials required by CNC and prepare materials; then the third step of CNC machining and forming is the manual department. Some burrs need to be manually cleaned from the CNC machine, and checked according to the drawings For CNC processing, the right angles that cannot be processed by CNC are carved in place by hand, and the initial assembly is carried out. After assembly, we come to our fourth step: the grinding department. The grinding master needs to smooth the CNC machining knife marks with sand from coarse to fine to avoid After spraying paint (dusting), the knife marks cannot be covered and affect the appearance quality. After polishing, go to the fifth step: the printing department. Because this product is an outdoor product, it requires anti-aging and ultraviolet rays, so it uses powder spraying. After powder spraying, return to manual assembly, after manual assembly is confirmed to be correct. Finally came to the sixth part: the quality inspection department, the professional quality inspector of Youmoshijia checked and confirmed that it meets the customer's needs and finally shipped it. Therefore, it looks like a simple piece of hardware prototype model, the production process is really not simple
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